Weekend Fun Party :: 13th December 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008 Jojo 2 Comments

Party time, rain again, just BBQ for no reason. April, May, Ting Jie, Jason, Josey, Jocelyn, Lee Shing and me.

Shing brought her Salem (D60), passing the camera around shooting. We're quite poor in shooting, half of the pictures in the camera are blurrrr.

We're eating sushi, garlic bread, chicken breast, wings, burger and drinks.

the food

kee hueh

April sapu butter

Eng tao Jocelyn

the big cat and small cat (Lee Shing)

josey dunno do wat

Mr. BBQ Jason

Mr. Hu Ting Jie

clear pic of me by professional photographer

:: cooked food::

Guitar lesson. Sweet....

:: bo su cho watch TV::

The Shing and the Tsing Tao


Anonymous said...

wah, so song, bbq.. i want.. :p

Jojo said...

quite la, but the heat beh tahan