The Two Bananas

Tuesday, September 30, 2008 Jojo 10 Comments

Having lunch in The Two Bananas last week, I forgot to snap my RM3.90 set (fried rice + barley) but I have taken some of my friend’s food. Thumbs up for the food!


Devil's SMS

Friday, September 26, 2008 Jojo 2 Comments

caught him liao, It’s Attan! I knew it. Hahaha.


I received one the night before, the message written:

“Check under your bed before u sleep and make sure the window in closed” <>

The sms is like the “balance notification” sms, which is not in your inbox, no idea how they sent this.

The next morning, I received another one: “call *666# the devil is waiting for ur call about last nigh….mr.Jonathan L.”

Alright, I know who you are.


Santubong Suite

Monday, September 22, 2008 Jojo 13 Comments

Last week, my and co-mates went overnight at Santubong Suite for Elvina’s belated birthday. The minimum 2 nights required, if you want to rent a unit there. It was RM350 per night, so that will be RM700. Friday night wasted as Saturday holiday has been changed to next month. The apartment was great, 3 rooms which can fit more than 10 people if some sleep in living room. Astro is available but not all channels include. Best of all wifi is available too (quite fast). In kitchen, you have all the cooking utensils you need, oven, fridge, microwave, rice cooker, boiler etc. If you are going, just bring lots of food there and stuff you need and for those that smoking must bring enough hun kee as hard to find shop there.

The only drawback -1 is, the place is too empty, only few units were occupied. There were few guards outside. You must bring a lot of people then fun if not it will be no fun + very creepy er (especially with the song “我要等你回来”). The cafeteria is closed, lobby is empty, we didn’t go to the gym but I’m sure no one there too. There’s no one at the swimming pool too, that one good la +1 we conquer the place.

We have our dinner there, after that some go surfing in the room, some play cards and some gathered at balcony ~ telling jokes and drinks.

i drift there at night lol.

the birthday girl Elvina, she pay for everything.
thank you thank you inviting me.

Paulineta, El, Winnie
(oh yeah the pictures mostly from their cameras)

Ryan my leader on the right, blue shirt guy.


Johannes, Me, ryan

Prawns from Auntie Corner

Sylvia and John ~ the chefs

Winnie, George, Paulineta, Samantha

me, Marvyn, Churchill, Ryan ang ang ang

Paulineta and George, we all minum at balcony


My Photoshopped Wira

Monday, September 22, 2008 Jojo 0 Comments

Remember the photoshopped wira back in april, here’s the actual image (forgot to show u guys). FYI, The headlamp is taking from the latest Mugen Honda Civic Type-RR, intercooler from Mitsubishi Lancer, the doors are from Lamborghini obviously hehe, while the rest are drawn in the Photoshop. I got no money for the real modification, so this is the only thing I can do now :)