Christina Tamsukhin

Friday, August 29, 2008 Jojo 2 Comments

Christina Tamsukhin, a cute friend through facebook,
I like her pics, she permits me to stole them to put on some effects on it.

the original


The Fast and Furious 4

Wednesday, August 27, 2008 Jojo 4 Comments

Starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster
It's a prequel to Tokyo Drift, so Han (Sung Kang) is still alive that time.
5th June 2009


RM2 Chicken Rice (tasted)

Monday, August 18, 2008 Jojo 4 Comments

They ask me how it tastes like, and “is that a promotion?” Well, first I gotta say, it fills up my stomach for the lunch and my lunch that day was only RM3.20 ~ (one chicken rice and one kopi o peng)

Bonus curry soup (I think sometime only, my friend eat the other day don’t have or maybe finish) and the other one called “dunno wat” soup. Overall rating - 2.5 / 5, which means ok ok la so ok ok lo the taste. Oh yeah, I’ve asked the boss, he said it’s not a promotion.

RM2 Chicken Rice spotted at the coffee shop near 3rd mile Public Bank (same block with “Full House”). The shop is called “New Town Cook” if not mistaken. Sorry ar, no picture of the chicken rice cuz I’m eating the “fast food” there. Hehe.


song of the month

Friday, August 15, 2008 Jojo 6 Comments

It’s a good time to listen this, a song from 白光.
note: pls finish the show, something interesting at the ending part


Jojo is 21

Monday, August 11, 2008 Jojo 18 Comments

Yeah, today is my birthday (11th August), I’m 21 one right now, unlocked quite a lot of things such as buying toto 4D legally and entering the casino (no, I’m not a gambler). Still got what ar?

Last Saturday, I was celebrating my birthday earlier with my co-mates. There was a blackout that night, (ivelyn sms me: gov no pay electric bill ah? sien si) luckily I got a generator and luckily the generator got minyak.

My brother is the one getting me the party and father as the chef that night. Haha, I got my face smashed on cake, my first time and it free me 2 minor scratches on my face (just realize in the next morning) now my face like kucing.

Ryan get me a fruity wine that night, I opened up a Champaign from CNY hamper (the metal cover has been made to a chair by John). My Grandmum and my uncle give me angpows so as “Attan, ET, Bob” so I got angpows, sis-in-law get me a birthday cake, J gifted me his knuckle buckle before he left KL, Ricci and Elvina gifted me a set of towel (so chunn my towel dirt liao need change new one), Cai Zhen and Raymond gifted me a honeydew which is in everyone’s stomach already hehe and co-mates gifted me the tiramisu cake, a perfume (Clear Day by AIGNER for men) and a bear that makes you happy when it is full.

I never sleep early the night b4 my birthday, busy replying messages, surprising the first sms I received was from Shirlene a friend I know through “wrong number” few years back, second sms from cousin PeiPei, third from Lynnie and continued by J, Josey and my sis and after replied, the replies as usual: You not yet sleep meh? (hahaha, you also not yet sleep meh?) [update] a morning call from Wan Chew and sms from
ET, Jess, Rebecca, Chun Liang, Ah fen, Dewi, Yong Kwang, Serene. [/update]

A Happy Birthday to Pau Lee too (a girl who older than me one hour).

Thank you all for the gifts and greets.


My Dear

Wednesday, August 06, 2008 Jojo 6 Comments

I stole some white stickers from my old office (place i used to work). cut with normal pen knife, come out with some floral design on the guitar's fret board, I am putting new design on my guitar each year so it looks new every year.

I love my guitar a lot, it's a Santa Cruz acoustic, I remember I work pretty hard for it during my school holiday in 2003, i bought it for RM350 at Lee's Music…with RM100 bucks sponsored by Bro-in-law hehe. I managed to earn 250 nia that time.

It's a lonely tuesday night,
I hang my guitar to my neck,
drink a cup of water, get ready with the pick,
1, 2, 3, start the struming.... jeng.. jeng... jeng ...
and sing ~ lalalalala ::LOL::


Naked Mannequin

Tuesday, August 05, 2008 Jojo 5 Comments

Looks like I’m more hamsap than Michael. LOL