Little Superstar

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learn to dance from him, he really knows how. rofl.


叮当神探: Crime Busters X2

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I love this show: Crime Busters X2: 叮当神探. I'm so addicted into it. 20 episodes.

"Xia Yijing (Dawn Yeoh) is a rookie cop with the Records Department of the Police Force and her direct superior is Lu Daxiong (Tay Ping Hui). Daxiong is always sarcastic towards Yijing and in retaliation, she returns the sarcasm. As such, the both of them are constantly at loggerheads with each other.

Daxiong persists in investigating a murder case even when stopped by Detective Isabel. Curious, Yijing does her own checking and realizes that when Daxiong was in the Criminal Investigation Department, he had encountered the Surgical Demon. At that time, he had led his partner in chase of the latter but this resulted in his partner’s death and his subsequent transfer to the Records Department.

Before long, another murder in the same manner occurs. After a harrowing hunt for the murderer, Daxiong and Yijing managed to apprehend him. Upon interrogation, they realize that this culprit is merely a copycat killer, not the Surgical Demon."

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Four Points

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