Last weekend :: 28, 29, 30 November 2008

Tuesday, December 02, 2008 Jojo 4 Comments

Friday 28th November 2008
0845 – 1815 working, after work I talking with John outside office till 8pm then go McDonald to meet Lee Shing, Josey and Jason. After McDonald, they said it’s my event then I said go B.O.P drink ang mo liang teh. Tsing Tao or Tuborg? Both same 8 bucks Me and Jason ordered Tuborg cuz never try that before, while Shing and Josey ordered Vodka. But ho Tsing Tao still my friend la cuz it has more. Then ar we smell the Tuborg cap got Sunny Hill toilet smell one. Shing busy torturing the lemon in her vodka that night and start kam the lemon. As usual, I start talk have and talk don have and berstory until 11 something.

Saturday 29th November 2008
0830 – 1500 working, after work went to the100% discount store with John cuz I want to buy nunchucks, one for 3 bucks only, I bought two. 4pm rushed back home, forgotten my promise to paint house living room. 6.30pm makai ayam penyet with Lee Shing, Jason and Josey yup the same gang again. Selepas itu, pergi Stapok for badminton. Two hours game, now shoulders still little ache because of the push-up punishment for losers. Vui Ping came suddenly, played for 1-2 games. After badminton, ping left, we four went Food Garden for a drink till 12.

Sunday 30th November 2008
The last day for November, as usual, Sunday mass 0800-0900, after that back to grandma house for lunch. 12 noon, Jason arrived, he bought “Meet Dave” movie to my house, watch till 2pm then it’s Spring time. Wahh!! Spring banyak orang that day, jam till the post office there (we use the back way), enter spring at 2.30 something, met Josey and her sister Jocelyn and a new friend May Hua from Pluto planet with leopard skin. Entered Padini, say hi to Cynthia and talk talk with Evelyn ask her why many ppl, she said got big sale. Quite true, the fitting room is on long queue. Spring is decorated with Christmas theme and that day got some campaign for road safety thingy or something. We wait for Lee Shing while shopping but suddenly she can’t make it cuz outside very jam. We plan to take pictures one, she got carry her Salem out that day. So photo taking thingy cancelled. After Spring shopping, we head to Taman Sahabat for a while nia then raining liao then nearest place Jalan Song for a drinks then Attan came. Josey need send car back for exchange and at the same time I need to rush home again for some house thingy, taping the home theater wires on the floor. 6pm we went to Waterfront with Josey and May, five of us sit sampan across to My Village for dinner. When entering the sampan, I heard the GONG! sound, May punya head hit the sampan roof then I berLOL then she start shaking the sampan, I ten years no sit liao so a bit kan chiong + dunno how to swim, 50cent to cross and later a bit naik to RM1.


lee shing said...

lemon ho kam! lol

Jojo said...

ho... kua lu kam liao jin song ar

~Josey~ said...

may is so gonna kill u hahaha!!

Jojo said...

hiak hiak hiak lai lai push me to sarawak river