20th June 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008 Jojo 0 Comments

Thanks God it’s Friday. Time passes fast, some of my gang has passed 21 and some are still waiting.

I’ve working for almost 3 years, I got things to pay by myself, car, insurance and some other shit. I want this and that, I’ve been telling my friend ~ when I’m rich, I will get this that bla bla bla... easier said than done right. I will get what I want someday.

I lost trust to some of my friends. My good thoughts always outcome something bad. I have negative thinking right now, feeling that some people are talking shit about me behind. Oh ya, friends, don’t only look for me only when you need me, don’t let me felt that I’m being use.

These news are non-related to my "Part Time Killers".