Nissan 370Z

Friday, October 31, 2008 Jojo 2 Comments

Here's the official pic of Nissan 370Z. I think 350Z nicer. It's 3.7L V6 powered.


My High School Class Photo (Form 5A)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 Jojo 0 Comments

This is when i just learned how to use photoshop in high school.


Last weekend :: 25 & 26 October 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008 Jojo 2 Comments

Really sien during the holidays, end of month, car license expired. Saturday spent my day at my mum house surfing the net and taking boring shots my car and the “BERHENTI” sign, my mum was busy cutting hair the whole day, I can’t help her cuz I don’t think any of her customers wanted to be my white mouse. Night time, Milo habis so go buy Milo at the Unishop then saw Crispy, reminds me of something sweet, I bought one. After that, Mr.Hu called look for me at night, as usual, drink and talk at the coffee shop near my house. That’s what I said (kia go inside drink).

FB shoutout that day: Jojo is alone :: my pig dog friends will sure come find me one :D

[+] Sunday. Finally did my confession in the morning, I felt lighter now, letting off all sins, it has been 5 years since my last confession.

Remembered something on October 26, SMSed Cai Zhen and Melisa Happy Birthday at 12am.

Sunday is my Grandpa birthday too 86th Birthday, lunch at my Grandpa house with family members, gathering and eating. I gave my grandpa a small ang pao, the first time giving ang pao though not yet married. After that go cousin house. No long after that Attan, ET and Mr.Hu arrived, go same coffee shop drink (sorry ya the place no sign board one, it’s a house business,).

I’ve taken a lot of boring pictures with my D60 D600, it’s Samsung D600, 2.0-megapixel camera phone.

mr.Hu's phone

My brother threw the plant away lo.

cousin's ride, sport

mine so stock :(

no minyak again

how i wish to have this one


Godsoul performing @ the Spring (World Heart Day 2008)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 Jojo 3 Comments

Last Friday and Saturday went to the Spring "sah pot sah pot" Warrence and his team Godsoul. They are performing for the “World Heart Day 2008” campaign. Here are three videos recorded, my apology for some talking and laughing cuz we saw some ah gua dancing at the side.


Jojo is getting Fatter and Heavier

Thursday, October 16, 2008 Jojo 4 Comments

What I have taken daily?

Attan said i have been eaten too much junk, so i write down what i have eaten.
Here's the list from morning to night.

to work...

- maggie cup tomyam
- nescafe 3 in 1
- mini hotdog bun

- Mee soup
- Chinese tea peng
- Chee cheong fan (half share)

- plums
- hot chocolate 3 in 1
- 2 woods candies for cough

Office Teabreak
- one chocolate cake
- one butter cake
- one big pau and a small pau (charsiew)

home liao...

- dinner (rice + salted vege soup + green vege)
- peanuts

go crystal bowling with Padini team

- Kopi o peng
- french fries (half share)
- beef burger
- Kopi o peng again

weight myself that night, that was 101 KG (yo guys back to 3 digits). sh*t, i just dropped 6KG last two weeks from 103 to 97KG now increased 4KG. I need to cut down some fats as christmas carol coming and 3 more months to CNY.


13 Since Handy Pouch - Army

Saturday, October 11, 2008 Jojo 2 Comments

Earlier of the month, I received a gift from Fashion Origin, it’s a “13 Since Handy Pouch”, pouch for handphone I guess. It has soft interior to protect your stuff. I didn’t use it for my handphone cuz my phone already ugly liao, I use it for my lottery tickets and cash, hehehe. It has a keychain for your keys and this pouch is priced at RM12 at their site.


Maiy's Birthday Greeting

Wednesday, October 08, 2008 Jojo 0 Comments

Happy Birthday to Maiy Ak. Dilang