Last weekend :: 6, 7 & 8 December 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 Jojo 0 Comments

6th December 2008
0830 ~ Working.
1500 ~ with Andruth to LEPO service guitar then to Jade Pot for food, Andruth belanja.
1700 ~ with Attan, Ting Jie, Wycliffe, Jason and Josey went to Velocity for the GoKart unfortunately all rosak only left 3 nia, they said they will have the new V1 soon. (two weeks time)
Ended up playing lasertag, funny one inside they put some remix tokyo drift song. After the sweaty game, we went Kado for some food then home.
2230 ~ Jason and Wycliffe came look for me again, went for a drink if not mistaken.

7th December 2008
0800 ~ Sunday mass, lunch at grandma house, nap.
1300 ~ Followed Jason and Josey to "After 3" then PC fair. Met ET and Beverly at the fair. After that went McD for asscream. After asscream, walked to Tun Jugah (quite empty inside) then Sarawak Plaza see shoes. After shoes, went Hock Lee see guitars.
1700 ~ back home, bath, rest a while
1900 ~ pick up Lee Shing, taking her to Kado.
2015 ~ PC fair (closing), bought CDRs.
2045 ~ Star Cineplex for Bolt.
2230 ~ After Bolt we went to BOP drink ang mo liang teh and chit chat until closing.
0000+ ~ Home.

8th December 2008
1000 ~ KFC with Angeline Hii and her sister at 101.
1200 ~ Look for Jason and Wycliffe at BDC popular.
1300 ~ Wycliffe left. Ting Jie came, we watch old Steven Chow movie at ma home.
1430 ~ Jason left. Me and Ting Jie went to Jln song, found out that SASA is gone, so we went Scorpion for Snooker. I won the two games, our points quite the same, I alibaba masuk the black ball in the same holes in the two games.
1630 ~ Rest
1900 ~ Jason and Wycliffe came, drink and chit chat.
2200 ~ low batt, sleep.