Shoes Painting

Wednesday, December 31, 2008 Jojo 4 Comments

29th December, 2008. Monday. Shoes painting day with Lee Shing at her home. (oh ya, thanks for the white coffee and fried bee hoon) I bought two pairs of Pallas white school shoes at Ai Lee Tabuan Jaya around RM20+ and some fabric painting which cuz only RM2 per color at stationary shop nearby. We started to draw at 10am, the draft and completed at 3pm. Shing’s design is more neat and sharp and with those outline and small characters like cat, while mine is a little like freehand painting cuz I just can’t follow the outline. “Not bad” say my friends, I’m just ok ok with it, wearing it right now haha. Since Lee Chien ask me to blog about it when it is done, alright, then here you go:

These are taken with handphone cam so it’s quite grainy. I have taken some shots with Shing’s camera, but haven’t taken them from her.

This is Shing’s cat when sleeping.


Anonymous said...

hey, no bad wor... nice leh, hehehehe..

Jojo said...

ok ok la hehehe

Anonymous said...

you start wearing it already? how is it?

Jojo said...

using it almost everyday, i clean it last weekend using pressure pump, the red wont fade off but the black came off a big bcuz of the mixture of permanent marker. some friend don believe is painted. lol. fun maybe want to create another one with shoe lace one.