Snacks Breakfast

Thursday, October 29, 2009 Jojo 2 Comments

Going a little unhealthy recently, taking junk food for breakfast,
100Plus/InstantNescafe, Kitkat, Sho Yue Chip/Mi (new one, not bad), Milo Wafer, Tiger Biscuit and NIPS. Recently Tony (my neighbor) bought mamee monster.
Anyway, I'm trying to cut down on this. Gotta clear up my desk, it's too messy.

Don't be like her. (Tony's Bak Bak)



Wednesday, October 28, 2009 Jojo 2 Comments


Little Hainan

Saturday, October 24, 2009 Jojo 0 Comments

Little Hainan is the new open chicken rice shop near my office. It was really packed at the opening week, managed to get some seats last week. Hainan Chicken rice will cost you RM4.50 (drumstick, additional RM0.50) and they served other food too. They got nice interior and classic signboard like the Chinese ancient type. I'll give 3/5 for this.

Location: Bormill estate ~ near the Ginger Bread House / Behind NK / below Studio 23.


BDC oldest Burger Stall

Monday, October 19, 2009 Jojo 7 Comments

Hey people, I'm back. Almost two months no update. (Anybody here?, if yes shoot me a comment). Lol, I got my broadband, will update more often :)

Burger is one of ma favs. When i got no time for dinner, I'll be at burger stall either 3rd/4th mile or BDC.

This is the oldest burger stall in BDC area. It was at the Everise area (beside the ATM machine) long time ago when i was in primary school. Now they move behind, in front of Tian Soon restaurant. You can try out their nugget burger, priced at RM2.

Real nice, i like the greens.