iOS 9 / 9.01 on iPhone 6plus

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 Jojo 0 Comments

iOS 9 is a little crappy for my iPhone 6 Plus. It actually lags when you are typing or searching stuff and certain apps crashes quite often such as Facebook. Even auto-rotation having problems (it sometimes stuck on landscape mode). Before updating was all good, even 9.0.1 new release didn't help much on mine. 

I realized wechat volume or other apps volume were auto-tuned into 0% when I open it, so I need increase to listen every time I start up the app - I'm not sure if that's a bug or was it an update.

And for those who have broken Touch ID, will be a little risky of updating. I had a friend stuck on error 53 when updating to iOS 9. So you get stuck on the iTunes logo. Did a little research where some forumers say cleaning registry of your computer helps or updating your iTunes. You may want to try that if you encounter error 53.

But for the good side u get the Low Batt mode which I found it useful, does help to keep your iPhone alive a little longer. 

While the Siri database wasn't that update for us Malaysian. When you tell Siri that you are hungry, it will list you restaurants around you, but sadly most of the listed restaurants at my place here Kuching where already gone but still shown in the result. After all not that important anyway :) unless you are traveling.

I have also a few friends complaining that they can switch off the cellular data usage for the apps. They will auto switch on after a few seconds you turn off. While for mine was all ok. 

Hope, they will be new update solving all these problems. iPhone 6/6+ is only one year old, shall not encounter lags :(