iOS 4.3 on iPhone 3GS

Thursday, March 10, 2011 Jojo 0 Comments

Okay! I just updated the iPhone 3GS to iOS 4.3. Not much different to me, iPhone 2G and 3G were kicked out from this update C'mon, at least one big thing on 3GS but too bad there's none. I'm surprised to see the "Personal Hotspot" switch on the setting screen but disappointed to know from the forum that it is just a name replace the 'Internet Teethering" The Internet Sharing over WiFi only available for iPhone 4. Here are the list of new features in iOS4:

- better performance on Safari browser
- iTunes Home Sharing
- new font called for Noteworthy
- new message reminder setting (play alert tone up to 10 times)
- an ugly facetime icon on the 4th gen.

and bla bla bla...