Thursday, March 10, 2011 Jojo 0 Comments

You just need cornflakes, butter (i use planta cuz I can't find the cube one at home) and marshmallow, I did not follow the exact amount of the ingredient - just roughly added in. Throw the butter and marshmallow into the double boiler. You can use metal bowl over saucepan or putting a bowl sitting on the steamer rack in the pot like this:

Then boils it till like this

Eww... Then pour the cornflakes in and mix them. After mixing them, scope little by little to the little paper cup. (put the stove in low heat so the mixture will stay melted). After that leave it to cool and another faster way just throw them into the fridge.

Cleaning up - the bowl will be full of the sticky left over marshmallow - so just put the bowl into the sink and pour the pot of hot water into it and it will melts off the marshmallow.

[via sweetsurrender]