Back to Dad's Old House

Wednesday, November 05, 2008 Jojo 6 Comments

Last Sunday, me first time drive to Bau, bringing my dad to his old home, visiting my uncles. It’s at Jalan Liew Hon Thin, yo can someone fix that sign. It is 40km away from my home, so it is 80km go and back. 80km = 4 days fuel to work, ouch.

Topic in the kitchen. It’s about lungs. My dad said to aunt that some herbs he found can be made into drinks and it’s good for lungs. I said to dad, then stop smoking, that will be good for lungs lo and you don’t have to find whatever herbs. He said: Where got like that one, some people super healthy no smoking, no drinking, also get sickness. **chuckle** I said: ok lo, then tomorrow I start smoking lo. Speechless… hahaha got smoking license liao. But don’t want la, those cancer sticks very expensive bo pun su ar. Coincidence that time, J sms me, asking me collect more cigarette boxes because next year the cigarette box will have those cancer pics, very ugly liao.

Haven’t tried the Marrybrown before? Since I'm at bau, so go try lo. Ordered Chicken Burger + Cheese = RM5.30. Waited 10 minutes for that burger.

Arrived home 10pm, damn tired.

the herbs.

some old hand-powered rubber machine.


LeeChien said...

wow.. marry brown.. hahaha... long time i din see liao..

Jojo said...

drive to bau see lo hehehehe 40km nia

Just Jasmine said...

I miss Marry Brown too...
And yeah smoking is bad, bad for health...Say TAK NAK. Your Daddy has to learn to say NO ;P

Jojo said...

impossible he can say that, smoking 40+ years liao lol

marry brown????

Jojo said...

[ivelyn] why swt?