How to Fix Blurry Image from iPhone

Thursday, June 21, 2012 Jojo 0 Comments

Why Elvina looks like Hero Orlanda? hahaha -_-

Lets start: Notice the problem with the above images? Yes blurry or dreamy. They are taken from my iPhone 3GS. At first i thought its time to change a new phone but finally got it fixed with.... toothpaste.  Before this, I'm doing some research on how to remove scratch on Motorola V3i front screen. Unfortunately, it didn't work on the V3i, so i tried this same method on my 3GS scratchy camera and some how... it works!
I didn't take any shots before the process, the left pic is edited (but it looks something like that). On the right is after the cleaning.

Before u put the toothpaste, make sure that the area is cleaned and no dust on it. Just put a bit of toothpaste will do and rub it with cotton or soft tissue paper in circle direction.

Comparing the shots after the cleaning -  :Done.

* it doesn't work for deep scratches. 

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