Mothballs + Ron95 = MORE POWER

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 Jojo 0 Comments

I was told that if you put mothball into your fueltank (1 mothball / 5 liter)
to get more power. So i did a research...

According to source, moth balls can be used to increase the octane rating of the gasoline, increase gas mileage, ignite better and also remove water from the gasoline.

Yes it does, but if too many moth balls will cause dirty burning fuel. Some said that it will damage the engine and foul sparking plugs while there also people says - haha yeah right why didn't you put on a few spoon of sugar it increases 20+horsepower.

So... the mothball does help to increase power of your car but still, I dare not try. My cousin got a bag of mothballs ready in his trunk :D

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