Car Repair and Hair Repair

Monday, May 16, 2011 Jojo 1 Comments

Big headache with my car last week, just replaced a new bearing (beling) RM90, driveshaft (lie sup) RM190, brake pad + cleansing (bulek pee) RM100 and aircon (akon) RM10 - some cable disconnected.

4 of the absorbers (sobah) need to be replaced soon due to some minor leakage but the mechanic told me that they are still useable.

Last month just replaced a new dynamo (lelimo) - RM220 *sign*

* ( ) = local mechanic language, you gotta learn some of that,
I'm not improving people's english or making fun of them but
it's easier way to explain to them sometime about the parts and
it's easier also for you to know what parts they are explaining to you.

ok now hair repair, I went to ? salon for haircut,
senior or director RM15/RM20 (wow sound pro, there's no junior)
So a senior came, which looks like a after high school.
totally mad after the cut so i didnt bother to take any shot.
maybe can explain a little, she did not cover my dracula "M" bald spot
my left & right is light thick and top is like thin.

I went YUKI but Ling is busy and she got two more to go.
So I decided to go First Hair for a try, so after some mod from the friendly boss

at least...
like the boss say "at least... it's not the ugly hairstyle"

ya cuz my hair is kinda short already so hard to repair.

haha I'm ok with this. short hair again.


SandraC said...

HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! u look super hillarious!