BMX Project

Monday, February 28, 2011 Jojo 0 Comments

Okay this is my hard-earned bike when I was young. I bought it by parts separately. As I remember, I bought the used GT body for rm40, handle rm30, used back peg for rm20 trade my favorite Nikko RC car for the back wheel, front wheel and GT sprocket from dad and aunt as birthday present and Haro seat for rm70 if not mistaken. It was my gold before, but then after high school I left it under the rain for years. It is rusted but after some replacement it is still rideable. But I'm not satisfied so I wanted to refurbish it. I'm gonna spray it to solid color well of course chromes are nicer but I want to try to keep all the ori parts instead of replacing them with new ones.

Here are some rusted pics: