BATA Slipper

Tuesday, January 04, 2011 Jojo 1 Comments

Bought myself a new slipper cuz my RM10 pasar malam slipper koyak already. So this is the most simple, good design and affordable slipper i can find, BATA RM21.99. Others come with funny design which i don't really like while branded one like Nike or PUMA cost up to RM80 (wait till I'm loaded).

At the end, I choose the white one cuz it matches with most clothing, just don't like the orange part on the black one. Btw, do you know that BATA is a Switzerland company?

* this is not a sponsored post from BATA


Monoxine said...

i know BATA is from Switzerland. but do you BATA stand for?

BATA = Buy And Throw Away

just kidding my friend :) congratulation u have a new slipper.