Goodbye October!

Sunday, October 31, 2010 Jojo 2 Comments

October is not my month. It's pretty bad for me.

My external hard drive corrupted (the pop out "format disk?") Okay, i got all my works and backups saved in there and all my old photos and now they were gone. I did click the "safely remove hardware" all the time b4 removing the drive but this still happen. Now i have formatted it and wondering should i get a new one.

Secondly, my job is heavy and now is getting even heavier, till sometimes I cant manage to carry out - I'm trying my best (sometime just feel afraid stepping in office).

Third, car's throttle started to have sound again, i just changed the throttle kits couple months ago.

Okay these few stuff really stress me a lot this month, just can't relax myself, keep thinking that the negative things will come to me again and it causes other things didn't went well too. That's why i need to fight for it, hope for a I want to have a great November and the coming months. Happy Halloween guys and Goodbye October!


Serene said...

Yoooo! Koko.. Cheer up and everything will become positive again :D hehe

Jojo said...

hey mei2 long to no see hehe how are you? yeah cheering up now hehe