Penang Trip (with Jess Choo)

Wednesday, September 08, 2010 Jojo 0 Comments

Jojo & Jess, Suna & Junwei

I went holiday last month to Penang on the Merdeka. I met new friends there via my honey > Junwei & Suna & Melanie and also their house mates (Sandra, Pei Yue, Ah Siong and more). Suna and Junwei bring me around Penang, eat a lot a lot of food and shop a lot a lot. Thanks a lot :D

That's Jess, Melanie and Suna

Dim sum with Pau Lee

Jess' fav Durian Ice Kacang. And Pai Tee. I Like :D

Famous Chendol

Guess wat, Im going there again tonight with co-mates, its a company trip :D
will post more when back.