Borneo Highland - 2010 Anual Trip

Thursday, January 07, 2010 Jojo 2 Comments

Instead of annual dinner, my company is taking us to Borneo Highland this year 2010. Two days one night.

Reach there around noon time. In the afternoon you can go for own activities like swimming, sauna, massage, gym, jungle walk or sleep in the room. All are include in the package.

I went hot pool with boss and John in the afternoon. It's fun when you get yourself in the cold pool for some time then jump into the hot pool.

4PM i went for the full body massage with Darren, John, and Yung Sing. Alright, my first time experience full body massage, I didn't know, you will have to show off half off ya ass. They use coconut oil, quite smelly after massage + you can't take a bath right away after massage.

There's a mask and pyjamas competition at the night and some games for man and woman.

Best pyjamas will get iPhone 3GS (man) and HTC Hero (lady), Best mask (one woman, one man) will get hamper worth RM1K. Everyone knows I'm crazy over that 3GS.

Drift with Boss' Porsche

Elvina smashing Boss' Porsche

The above before catwalk start, covered with robe and bandanna.
When music started, I undress myself to this (below)
after the catwalk, i sing the iPhone song
(not complete, too nervous till forgotten some part of the lyrics)

Woke up at 11am the next day, almost time to checkout

Our group photo, not just cheese...

Home around 4pm

Thanks all co-mates for the votes for both best mask and best pyjamas.
And thanks all my friends that accompany me to shop for the lingerie
and girls who gives some idea of make-up.


Evilchica said...

me like de 1st pic of 3 of us + 1 dude at de took gud corner shot for tat. u posted me smashing boss car, i sure die one. confirm tis month end my salary kena hold

Jojo said...

hahaha roller coaster pic. nvm la not my salary kenak hold