a day out with Yien Woon

Monday, June 22, 2009 Jojo 4 Comments

Taking two days off, a day for Yien Woon and a day for rest (work till overheat).

Yien Woon is back. Last Friday, we went back to our old school for the well-known ice-cream, at the same time, we visited our teachers. Our school didn't change much, canteen auntie is still the same, so as the staff in office, library and the ice cream shop and best of all, they all still remember my name and recognize me.

After school, we went to cinema and watched "Blood: The Last Vampire". Don't really like the ending.

Yien Woon ringing the bell, that's for primary school.


Practicing for this coming Sunday Concert (school concert)

The famous and common views of Kuching


yienyien said...

eee!! yien woon.. hahhahaha

jojo.. my name is woon yien.. just terbalik nia!!! so cute!

Jojo said...

yeah i know, she said she heard of you b4 hehehe.

yienyien said...

ha?? reeeaaalllI???! heard of me wad o? huhuhU!

Jojo said...

she said last time ever chat with u in mIRC or some chat program. long long time ago