Mt. Singai

Sunday, May 24, 2009 Jojo 2 Comments

Supposed to post this before Good Friday, due to many pictures + laziness, I hold it until now. It was a day trip to Mt.Singai with Kenyalang Holy Trinity members + BDC Blessed Sacrament. Everyone is bringing a bag of sand to the top for the new church building, some carry tiles. Burn quite a lot calories reaching the top, fun day.

Cousin bringing tiles

Those are the sand bags

New Building

Group photo


Bgirl Evil said...

i know this one! u go there climb, ppl are required to bring the brick alone to the top of the mountain right? and that place is meaningful for christian

Jojo said...

ya making the church, not to the top, still can go higher than the church i think but normally we just go to the church. Yup meaningful.