Orang Jepun

Friday, April 17, 2009 Jojo 8 Comments

Went Kenyalang with Brenda just now, I remember Annna blog the RM2.50 Oranjeboom at kedai 27, my turn to buy.

Jojo: Tauke, Oranjeboom jit ki kui lui.
Tauke: oh, Orang Jepun har, jit ki RM5.50.
Jojo: uh seh ki eh bo?
Tauke: seh ki, si ki RM10
Jojo: ok, ho wa si ki.

Chou yen shen di how,
he jiu mei fan now, tu puok lian tou now.
(Smoking good for health, drinking released stress, gambling train your brain.)
from my cousin.

Now I got si ki orang jepun in my room. Mabuk on weekday woohaa! I got little sick today, har! This thing makes me sweat, hope it recovers me.


Attan said...

oooh tidak ajak, if u call me no need go so far to buy that weak beer, go bdc there can help u get TRIO! itu baru woohaa! hahaha.

Jojo said...

hahaha, this one one bottle 2.50 nia

annna said...

aiks.. Why you tapao worrr? If you go find in one of the grocerry shop in Kenyalang, they sell RM2. I didn't blog about it because I don't wanna get them in trouble. lol..

Jojo said...

tapao la, u also, no time drink with those uncles ma. hehehe. wa RM2, then 10 can get five wo, extra happy drink.

lee shing said...

jepun liang teh~~~

Jojo said...

is jik pun liang teh. hahahaha gian ler, you cant drink, wait your ya bao recover then drink. XD

TMOT said...

like tat i know who to call when i wanna go kopitiam lim jiu liaw ahahah

Jojo said...

ooo gooood..