05 & 06 January 2009

Wednesday, January 07, 2009 Jojo 4 Comments

05-01-2009: Went to Stampark badmintoning with Tim, Ting, Wombok and Ah Jie. First time me play with kaki pro, lol this time me really gui sin tia (whole body pain) liao. Thank you Ting for counting the point. Wah me start the shot already kenak smash by Tim liao, lihai ar him. Oh ya, Wombok pasang a new intercooler that night hehe, fun teaming up with him. It was two hours game, 16 bucks per hour, not bad o wooden floor. Learn new stuff that night, use the thumb to push the racket for the start shot. After badminton, we went Expert kopitiam minum.

06-01-2009 aka last night: dinner with Attan, Ting Jie, Jason, Josey, April, May and June at the Ayam Penyet place somewhere very near to Arif Hotel, don't really know how to eat the grass but i enjoy the drink there cuz big cup. oh yeah Ryan gave me some banana keropok from Jakarta, wow man taste great with milk powder one bo. Over calories, meaty day for me.

Fail giving up coffee, addicted to it liao, normally 9am one cup 3pm one cup and night go out drink with friend another cup. I tried not to drink it in the afternoon but can't, body will start to feel like very cold and feeling very sleepy, just like you didn't sleep for whole night. Caffeine Caffeine wo ai ni. Did a research it says you can try replace the coffee cup by cup with tea (not lipton but like those healthy one like green tea). But morning i still need a cup of coffee, i plan to get the 2 in 1 nescafe the one with no sugar cuz the 3 in 1 i heard is not so healthy cuz got lot of sugar.


-ApRiL- said...

ok..now u can make fun of my name uh!!!!
eh gonna link ur blog at my blog yah..
(anyway..u n mom same, drink coffee at 9am and 3pm LOL )

Jojo said...

April fool.... hahahaha **fist up**

WoMbOk™♂ said...

hahahah i need new shorts man!

Jojo said...

no need, that one with intercooler lol