Jojo is getting Fatter and Heavier

Thursday, October 16, 2008 Jojo 4 Comments

What I have taken daily?

Attan said i have been eaten too much junk, so i write down what i have eaten.
Here's the list from morning to night.

to work...

- maggie cup tomyam
- nescafe 3 in 1
- mini hotdog bun

- Mee soup
- Chinese tea peng
- Chee cheong fan (half share)

- plums
- hot chocolate 3 in 1
- 2 woods candies for cough

Office Teabreak
- one chocolate cake
- one butter cake
- one big pau and a small pau (charsiew)

home liao...

- dinner (rice + salted vege soup + green vege)
- peanuts

go crystal bowling with Padini team

- Kopi o peng
- french fries (half share)
- beef burger
- Kopi o peng again

weight myself that night, that was 101 KG (yo guys back to 3 digits). sh*t, i just dropped 6KG last two weeks from 103 to 97KG now increased 4KG. I need to cut down some fats as christmas carol coming and 3 more months to CNY.


~Josey~ said...

hahahaha!!First, you gotta stop munching food at home while on tv!!

Jojo said...

no ler, got meh, only that day nia hahahha

Anonymous said...

Wahraooo ~~ *LOL* I used to eat till like that too :D

So long didn't play bowling liao.. how much per game now ah?

Jojo said...

[ah lost] yameh why u no fat fat one? bowling now RM5 per game + shoes rental RM 2.4 if not mistaken. Free call everybody go play ai mai?