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Wednesday, September 10, 2008 Jojo 12 Comments





all pics above were taken at sharing planet during ivelyn's farewell
Sorry ar gentlement, forget to take you guys LOL
jimmy one coming soon...


Some more gifs from other places

I make one at home

stop smoking liao


ahlost said...

didn't remind me..You meanie !! I was in office till 10sth then I baru recalled. sms-ed Jimmy to ask him help me say sorry to ivelyn !!

Jojo said...

they say you cant make it ler. me no meanie la.

Bgirl Evil said... time take better de larh..grrrr

Jojo said...

ok ba, nice ler

see ahlost she said "sorry to ivelyn"

Bgirl Evil said...

i know liaw wor..jimmy tell me liaw...don worry larh ah lost~~hahahas....

jojo eyes blind..where got nice..u want take so many pics should tell me earlier i can act action banyak sikit..grrrr

Jojo said...

yala yala i blind la

TNH said... that a photo or video?how to make it..can give some tips?

Jojo said...

i capture multi-shot with my phone then combine them to gif using Adobe ImageReady


Jojo said...


WoMbOk™♂ said...

Wow! That's pretty cool man :)

Jojo said...

i going to make yours if you happen to meet. hehehehe