RM2 Chicken Rice (tasted)

Monday, August 18, 2008 Jojo 4 Comments

They ask me how it tastes like, and “is that a promotion?” Well, first I gotta say, it fills up my stomach for the lunch and my lunch that day was only RM3.20 ~ (one chicken rice and one kopi o peng)

Bonus curry soup (I think sometime only, my friend eat the other day don’t have or maybe finish) and the other one called “dunno wat” soup. Overall rating - 2.5 / 5, which means ok ok la so ok ok lo the taste. Oh yeah, I’ve asked the boss, he said it’s not a promotion.

RM2 Chicken Rice spotted at the coffee shop near 3rd mile Public Bank (same block with “Full House”). The shop is called “New Town Cook” if not mistaken. Sorry ar, no picture of the chicken rice cuz I’m eating the “fast food” there. Hehe.


ahlost said...

Haiya.. Just bout to ask you bout the taste !!!

Sure the RM2 Chicken Rice not enough for you :D

Jojo said...

hehehe see when go try lo.

ahlost said...

Wah.. You tasted it.. I want also ler.. Tapao tapao :D

Jojo said...

u ask about the taste then i go lo, tapao half for you la next time