Stupid Nephew

Thursday, November 02, 2006 Jojo 0 Comments

On the way out with my grandma this morning, she told me that my cousin two son didnt change their attitude like last time: stealing money, stole things and giving them to frens. The elder one just 12 year old, the younger one is still ok. The elder one came home from school night 11 oclock, my grandma worry until he's home and didn got a good sleep, there's once stole my uncle's cellphone got found out and beaten by my uncle but a week later become the same again.A lot of people talk nicely to him so he'll change his attitude but unfortunately doesn work, even hitting him also doesn work. Making me more pissed, my grandmum hiding this from all my uncles and aunties, not long ago he just stole my grandma RM800 and give them all to fren. That money is my grandmum got from the recycle those aluminum wire she collected years. Same thing happen last few years RM700. Wat should i do?